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Choose a beautiful tabletop water fountain for your home

We have a variety of tabletop water fountains in our collection. There are many different table top fountain styles, sizes and colors, to fit any taste and budget. These stunning tabletop water fountains for the home use many natural materials.  There really is something for everyone.  If you are new to water fountains or have a table that needs an added touch, a table top fountain will be the perfect fit.  You will be amazed at how the soothing water sounds will draw you in and help you relax after a long day.  

tabletop fountain details

Candle Bowl Tabletop Water Fountain
Orig: $21.95
Sale: $18.95
Hand of Buddha Tabletop Water Fountain
Orig: $59.95
Sale: $49.95
Abstract Urn Fountain
Orig: $129.95
Sale: $109.95
Rock Design Tabletop Fountain
Orig: $59.95
Sale: $49.95

A tabletop water fountain will add beauty to any room!  You will find that not only will a fountain add sophisticated decor to your living spaces, but it will also humidify the room and drown out annoying sounds.  A table top water fountain in your bedroom or on your desk at work will also help you relax and relieve stress throughout the day or evening.