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Solar Powered Water Fountains

Solar Powered Water Fountains Run on Pure Solar Power - No Electricity Needed

A solar powered water fountain is exactly what the name implies – a fountain that is powered by the sun. Solar powered water fountains provide a beautiful landscaping addition and other added benefits to your garden.  We have a variety of solar fountains to choose from.  One of the benefits of a solar powered water fountain is that you don't have to worry about running long electrical cords all over the place.  You just place the fountain where you want and enjoy it.  With the solar panel (included), solar fountains run on pure solar energy with no need for electricity.  Another benefit you will realize is that they make beautiful water sounds.

Our beautiful water outdoor fountains will enrich your garden with soothing, mesmerizing water sounds that range from gushing waterfalls to babbling brooks. With a water garden fountain your outdoor living space will quickly become a place you can't wait to go to each day to unwind, relax and enjoy your surroundings.  All of our water garden fountains and solar fountains are meticulously crafted to give you a maximum enjoyment of the visual beauty and delightful water fall sounds.  An outdoor garden fountain or one of these garden statuary fountains will bring you soothing joy for many years and will add peace and serenity to your garden, patio, deck or landscaped area.  You might also be interested in our garden wind chimes.

Indoor Wall Fountain Details

Green Bamboo Solar Powered Water Fountain
Orig: $139.95
Sale: $125.96
Mosaic WhitewashTerracotta Solar Fountain
Orig: $119.95
Sale: $107.96
Dove Solar Powered Water Fountain
Orig: $99.95
Sale: $76.49
Solar-On-Demand Buddha Outdoor Fountain
Orig: $299.00
Sale: $269.10
Slate Stepped Solar Powered Water Fountain
Orig: $275.00
Sale: $247.50
Temple Solar Water Fountain
Orig: $259.95
Sale: $199.95
Frog Hollow Solar Water Fountain
Orig: $189.95
Sale: $149.95
Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain
Orig: $259.95
Sale: $199.95
Standing Designer Water Garden Fountain
Orig: $249.95
Sale: $175.95

Any of these solar powered  water fountains will bring joy to you and your environment for many years.  Your birds will also love these solar garden fountains.  So, you will no only have a beautiful solar fountain, but you wll have a bird bath for your feathered friends.  Shop now for the perfect solar powered water fountain for your outside garden.

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