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Solace Falls Stainless Steel Wall Water Fountain

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Price: $14,999.00
Prod. Code: SS Solace

The Solace Falls Wall Water Fountain is truly amazing. The fountain is a triple slate design that is truly unsurpassed in design, style and orginality.  You will be amazed at the imagination and creativeness that has gone in to the design of these stainless steel wall water fountains. 

Adding autofill and drain capability to this water sculpture is possible and comes with several benefits (additional cost). An auto fill system enables the water to be filled as needed without you having to monitor the water level and add water manually. The drain system enables the water to be drained from the fountain which ensures that you always have clean water. After the water is drained out, the auto fill senses the low water level and automatically refills it with clean water. There are also timer solenoids which can be placed on the line which can be programmed to fill and drain the water sculpture at a specified times.

There are 2 options available: 

1.  A valve is placed on the system so you can turn the water on and off - $750

2.  The system can be made where it will automatically add water as needed - $1350

This fountain comes standard as a manually filled fountain, so please call us if you are interested in ordering it with the auto fill features.

The unit uses a pressurized system which ensures even, consistent water flow over the entire slate within seconds of turning it on.

  • 108"W x 95.625"H x7"D; Installed Weight without Water: 1500 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 2000 lbs.
  • Pump and 6-50 watt halogen lights included.
  • 120 Volt  15 Amp power required (dual 3 prong outlet)
  • Ideally the pump/lights could be connected to a wall switch for easy access
  • Call for details on Auto fill and drain system if needed (additional cost).
  • 18 Gauge Stainless with a #4 Finish (Furniture Grade)
  • Exclusive Safe Bracketing System.
  • 1 Year Warranty on all mechanical parts of the fountain excluding halogen bulbs
  • 3 Year warranty on all slate and metal integrity.

Shipping Information

Production Time: 6-8 Weeks
Shipping Method: Common Carrier
Contiguous US Shipping: Free Shipping
Hawaii/Alaska Shipping: $249.95
Canada Shipping: $149.95