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Horizon Falls Wall Mounted Fountain

Price: $895.00
Prod. Code: SS Horizon

In the stainless steel Horizon Falls Wall Mounted Water Fountain, the water flows out from the top portion of this magnificent fountain and cascades down the beautiful horizontal *lightweight slate panel, into the pool of water in the stainless steel basin. As the water flows down the shimmering lightweight slate, it is beautifully illuminated by small lights. This breathtaking stainless steel Horizon Falls wall mounted fountain, with its beautiful waterfall sounds and special effects lighting on the wet slate, creates a relaxing experience that you will enjoy for many years. 

You will love the Easy as 1-2-3 installation, your wall mounted fountain will arrive in one piece so just attach the mounting bracket to the wall, hang the fountain and fill it up!

*Wall Fountains with Light Weight Slate

Light Weight Slate is a thin layer of genuine Indian slate fused with a pliable surface. This substantially reduces the weight of the fountain and increases design options because of the flexibility of the slate.

The Light Weight Slate fountains weigh less than one third of their "heavyweight" counterparts. Solid slate fountains are beautiful but weigh hundreds of pounds and and some customers prefer a lighter weight fountain.  Our Lightweight Slate technology fuses natural slate with a state of the art backing material rather than using solid slabs of slate.  This decreases the weight of each fountain by 75% and yet retains the natural beauty and variety of the solid slate slab. Light Weight Slate is real slate, about 1/8 " thick and offers the perfect solution without compromising quality or /web/20110901072719/http://www.eindoorwallfountains.com/remote__led_lights.html">Upgrade to LED lights with remote

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