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Sunrise Springs Indoor Wall Fountain - Stainless Steel - Clearance -SSR20-G60811
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Orig. Price: $2,599.00
Sale Price: $1,499.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: Clearance - SSR20-G60811

Sunrise Springs Indoor Wall Fountain - Factory Second

This Water Fountain is considered a Factory Second and may have a Scratch, Dent or Mismatched Model Pictures below illustrate all details and imperfections. Retail Price of a regular fountain like this would be $2599.00You can save a lot of money if you don't mind a small scratch or small imperfection on the hood or tray.

  • 52" wide x 35" tall x 6" deep,225 lbs
  • Stainless Steel Hood and Tray (SSR20-G60811)- See pictures below for any/all imperfections


Hood: Dimples on front, minor dent on left side

Tray: Dimple on right front side, scrathes underneath on the bottom of the left side

  • Natural Green Slate* (Slate is a light or seafoam green often with splashes of peach)

    * As these are natural stones--each is unique in color and texture  

  • Halogen Lighting & Bulbs
  • Recirculating Pump, 4 Halogen lights and EZ install brackets

  • Pull cord switch included to shut off lights and pump separately.

  • Polished River Rock Pebbles
  • Ships complete with EZ Installation DVD and Printed Instructions
  • To see all slate options available, visit this page.




    Unit sold "as is"

    Generally ships within 3-5 days


    Green Featherstone Slate*  (Lightweight Slate Venee

    * As these are natural stones--each is unique in Please note:  When this item was posted, it was available for sale.  Since this is a clearance item, it is one of a kind.  The purchase of this item is first come, first served.  In the event the item becomes unavailable, this item will be removed from the site.