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LR275 Light Kit

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Orig. Price: $1,099.00
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Prod. Code: A LR275

LR275 Light Kit decorative lighting will illuminate your fountain for a beautiful display day and night, and can be partially or fully submersed for different effects. 

The LR-275 Low Voltage Light Kit includes two machined-bronze light fixtures each with 75 watt MR-16 Halogen lamps. The an>

  • Uses clear MR-16 bulbs (50 or 75 watt) included in eacwo clear MR-16 lamps are included with each kit.
  • Light kit comes with 100 ft cord length. 
  • Uses clear MR-16 bulbs (50 or 75 watt) included in each kit

  • Optional colored bulbs in red, green, blue and yellow (50 watt) (sold separately)

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