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Wireless Indoor Remote Control

Price: $45.95
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Prod. Code: A WIRC

Want an easy way to turn your water fountain on/off? Perfect for wall fountains and other indoor or outdoor water fountains.

This technologically advanced wireless electronic remote can control virtually everything in your house or outdoors, including your water fountain, with just the push of a button. Control your water fountain from up to 100 feet away, even through walls, with this radio frequency wireless remote control. The receiver plugs directly into a three-prong outlet, and provides a remote switched three-prong outlet to allow radio frequency on & off control for a wide variety of electrical devices. The control unit, with key chain, is more than small enough to fit into your pocket, but its signal will work up to 100 feet away.

The possibilities for the wireless power switch are endless.  It's ideal for those hard-to-reach plug-ins and for fountains without a wall mounted on/off switch.

  • 100 feet wireless transmission range passes through doors, floors and walls
  • Controls independent 3-prong 120 volt 60Hz standard AC remote switch outlets
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