Using Indoor Water Fountains in the Bedroom

11 May 2010

Copper Indoor Wall Fountain - Spirit Falls

As a parent, you have likely discovered the fact that there are some nights where it is nearly impossible to help your young child relax and fall asleep. Maybe it was a busy day or there is excitement to come, or maybe your child is simply stressed or ill. Whatever the cause, a great way to help them feel better and fall asleep is to install an indoor wall water fountain in their bedroom. A fountain works as a white noise generator, a humidifier, and a calming presence, serving to create an atmosphere which is highly relaxing and that will promote superior overall health and sleep patterns for your child. These fountains also have the same outcome on adults, so you shouldn't hesitate to get one for your room too.

Research has shown that adults feel a amazing sense of stress relief while watching or listening to a tranquilizing fountain and the truth is that children get these exact same feelings. An indoor wall fountain can function as the perfect tool to help you or your child relax by listening to the constant sound of flowing water. The fountain can also help to drown out noise from other rooms or from the traffic outside, creating fewer distractions that prevent us from falling asleep. The sound of flowing water reminds us of the sounds we hear in nature, which triggers a feeling of peace that helps make relaxation much easier.

Another effect of placing an indoor wall fountain in the bedroom is that it will offer health benefits. The water from your fountain will pull dust, pet dander, and other allergy and asthma triggers out of the air, creating a space that makes it quite easy to breathe freely. The fountain will also function as a natural humidifier, preventing dry sinuses and helping to make colds and flus much easier to overcome. Maintaining a clean and effective fountain can really be a wonderful way to help you or your child relax and get the rest which is usually needed.

When selecting a fountain for your child's bedroom, there are some things to consider. First, while choosing a kid friendly design is always a good choice, taking the time to help your child understand that the fountain is not a toy is suggested. For smaller children, the fountain should certainly be hung on the wall where it is out of reach of the child. There are many wall fountains that provide a soft glow that can also act as a nightlight. When you choose the perfect indoor wall fountain for your child's room, you will find that there are simply many benefits that help create a calming and lovely atmosphere that is fun and also beneficial.

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