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  How to Clean Your Adagio Wall Fountain

Cleaning your indoor wall fountain is simple.  Watch the video and get started today.

  Easy Installation Video
  Is A Tabletop Water Fountain In Your Future?

If you are dealing with the stress of back to school days and the end of a long hot summer, you just might benefit from a tabletop water fountain in your home or even on your desk at your office.  

  Indoor Wall Fountains - A Review of the Many Different Types Available

An indoor water fountain can be a wonderful addition to any home interior, while providing its recipients with a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. There is a large variety of indoor wall fountains available; including variations on size, color, and décor theme.

  What is So Great about Marble Indoor Water Fountains?

Marble indoor water fountains are probably the most beautiful fountains made. They are simply stunning to look at as you relax in your home. Let's take a look at how marble is manufactured and were it originated.

  Transform Your Home Into a "Castle" With an Indoor Water Fountain

Ever heard the old saying a man's home is his castle? This expression shows that we like to make our homes a place where we can enjoy ourselves. Your home should offer a much needed sanctuary from the strain of the outside world.

  Using Indoor Water Fountains in the Bedroom

As a parent, you have likely discovered the fact that there are some nights where it is nearly impossible to help your young child relax and fall asleep. Maybe it was a busy day or there is excitement to come, or maybe your child is simply stressed or ill. Whatever the cause, a great way to help them feel better and fall asleep is to install an indoor wall water fountain in their bedroom.

  Decorating Your Business Space with an Indoor Wall fountain

Like our home, our office or workplace is a very important part of our life. The majority of people spend most of their waking hours at work, so making the environment pleasing is advantageous for both employees as well as your customers.  When you are decorating your office spaces, there are several things you should consider like using your space wisely, optimum traffic flow throughout the office areas, general pleasing /web/20120409160619/http://www.eindoorwallfountains.com/remote__led_lights.html">Upgrade to LED lights with remote

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